About us "What is Our Story?"

In 1996 we purchased a copper bracelet in Texas and paid $15 for it. A close associate said, "if you could put 15 pennies together, you'd have a copper bracelet". That observation struck a nerve and we asked ourselves, " How much could WE make a copper bracelet for?" It turns out we made one for 67 cents and AceMagnetics was born. Eventually after having golf reps sell our product locally and then nationally the internet started to become a real thing. In 2000 we started selling online and off to the races we went.

After many years of selling many different style copper bracelets we were given samples at a trade show of a metal magnetic bracelet and we knew these would be popular. We continue to sell copper bracelets and metal magnetic bracelets and they continue to be popular with a select group of customers. We found that a large group of athletes, musicians, everyday DIYers expressed an interest in something tailored more for their lifestyle. Something easier to use in certain "other" venues.  Something flexible, less jewelry like, waterproof if possible, and no metal jewelry clasp many find hard to use as well as awkward to put on and take off when alone.

The Rally Band addresses these "other" venues & objections by being a Super Comfortable, Flexible, Easy On Easy Off, Waterproof and Most Powerful Magnetic Band bracelet that can be worn 24/7.  We like to say your Rally Band will feel like a 2nd skin & be your understated but most powerful magnetic companion.

As time went on we applied for and were granted a patent about 12 years ago. Many professional athletes and professional musicians as well as the "rest of us" weekend warriors  now swear by (in a good way) our Rally Band with Thirty  3500 Gauss Neodymium Rare Earth, Permanent, North Facing Magnets in Each Band. (Size Small has 20 magnets).

Whatever your walk of life we know you will appreciate wearing a Rally Band!

Finally, We decided our Baby needed its own dedicated website, ergo RallyBand.com was born recently. This website is designed to be simple to use, clean, uncluttered to the eye & operates on a platform that is ultra safe state of the art technologically.  Checkout with many familiar payment methods such as Amazon Pay & PayPal as well as the traditional Visa, Mastercard, American Express and many more are all available.

Please consider purchasing a Rally Band for a friend or family member, we know you & they will be glad you did.

As always after 25 years YOU are still our #1 priority, so if you are not 100% Satisfied, we will refund you IN FULL for 60 days after purchase, no questions asked.

As a small business we genuinely appreciate your patronage, Thank You!