"24T" Titanium Magnetic Bracelet "Mega Magnets “Big Brother"

"24T" Titanium Magnetic Bracelet "Mega Magnets “Big Brother"

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24T Mega Magnets Titanium “Big Brother" is 1/2 inch wide and has "Lots" of powerful magnets. Our Titanium magnetic jewelry is crafted with 3800 Gauss Rare Earth north facing neodymium permanent magnets.

We know you will like this style with brushed titanium on the outside and shiny/polished titanium down the middle. How many magnets does 24T have to warrant the name Mega Magnets  TITANIUM “Big” Brother you ask? The medium has 20 magnets and the large has 21 and the XL has 22. Do the math @ 3800 Gauss per magnet and you will see why we call this one Mega Magnets “Big”  Brother.

About The Metal:

Titanium is factually stronger than gold or platinum and is three times stronger than steel. Titanium as you may know will not irritate or discolor your skin and will not harm the body in any way. As a result titanium is used by the medical and dental fields in surgical implants, bone screws, hip replacements, heart valves and more.

Just like in golf some like the weight of a steel club and some like clubs made primarily of lighter weight materials. Unisex design, Suitable for all & You don't even have to play golf!!

Know thyself, some ancient golfer once said, or know of someone else who might prefer or possibly need a featherweight hypoallergenic titanium magnetic bracelet as a gift?

As always we want to Thank You for your incredibly strong word of mouth support in referring a friend or two to our online catalog. Now, please measure your wrist and select your size accordingly and know that with our 60 day unconditional money back return policy you can always shop with confidence.

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Permanent neodymium magnets mean the magnets will Lose only 1% of their strength every ten years which is why they are called permanent.