"Autumn Wheat" Copper Bracelet

"Autumn Wheat" Copper Bracelet

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“Autumn Wheat” is a combination of silver, copper, and jeweler's brass & yes - Love.

Creator Sergio Lub drew his inspiration for this bracelet from stories of his Russian heritage - “men were working in the fields, singing aloud, while harvesting the autumn wheat." Back in the old country we had no news, but we knew when we were at peace, my Russian Dad once told me, "because men will be working in the fields, singing aloud, while harvesting the autumn wheat".

About the Artist of this piece : Sergio Lub is an American artist of Russian descent. Sergio has traveled through every continent learning his craft. From the Andes to the Himalayas, he met with master craftsmen who taught him ancient metal working techniques and their deep beliefs of wearing metals for health and vitality. Sergio is respectfully preserving these cultural traditions by incorporating them in the making of his jewelry.

The process of making Autumn Wheat : All Sergio Lub Jewelry is handcrafted in the United States. The solid metals used in the bracelets include pure copper, jeweler's brass, and German silver. The copper is 99% pure Copper, Arizona copper to be exact. The Jewelers Brass is an alloy of 85% Copper and 15% Zinc. The white metal is German silver (65% Copper, 17% Zinc, 16% Nickel, 2% silver), an alloy used in making white gold. All three of these metals contain Copper and Zinc, which are essential minerals needed by our bodies to remain healthy.

"Copper, when in contact with the skin, forms chelates with human sweat (sometimes seen as a green deposit under the bracelet) and is thus absorbed into the skin," writes Dr. Ray Walker, of the University of Newcastle, Australia. This design is suitable for both men and women FYI.

First: you must love the design

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Your order will arrive in 2-4 days and you will wish you ordered one for a friend who will see you dancing around the office like Sergio’s Family who danced in the fields enjoying the "Autumn Wheat".