"Chevron" Tungsten Carbide Magnetic Bracelet

"Chevron" Tungsten Carbide Magnetic Bracelet

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The "Chevron" is a Space Age Tungsten Carbide bracelet measuring 7/16' wide that will retain its highly polished & highly reflective mirror finish forever, and is virtually impossible to scratch. We have embedded Rare Earth neodymium magnets @ 4000 Gauss in each and every link.

How is all this possible you ask?

Tungsten carbide is the hardest metal on the planet. Factually, Tungsten is about 10 times harder than 18K Gold, 5 times harder than tool steel, and 4 times harder than titanium. Tungsten measures between 8 and 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. (Diamonds are a 10 - the highest.) Yes, tungsten carbide is used in space and military operations because of its heat resistant properties (It has the highest melting point of all elements – 6,700 degrees). The hardness and heat resistance of Tungsten Carbide renders it impervious to radiation (Wow, that’s an interesting piece of info). If this bracelet were attached to the nose of the space shuttle coming back to earth to land the heat generated upon reentry would have no effect on the mirror finish of this bracelet whatsoever!

Let’s take this all back to earth and the reasons you’re considering this piece and the reasons we think it is the best buy on the market.

1) Highly polished non scratch surface.

2) 4000 Gauss permanent neodymium magnets in every link.

3) Designer titanium push buckle clasp found on pieces for 1000’s of $ more.

4) No cobalt in our Tungsten carbide material (Cobalt would be Bad FYI).

5) This bracelet will outshine, outlast, and outperform any magnetic bracelet on the market…..Period.

6) Titanium Clasp will Scratch...Nothing is Perfect!

As you can imagine a long time was spent designing & manufacturing this piece and no expense was spared. Depending on your wrist size you will have 21, 23 or 25 permanent four thousand Gauss neodymium laser point magnets embedded throughout each bracelet for 84,000, 92,000 or a mind bending 100,000 total Gauss in the XL.

The "Chevron" IS a great gift!

Permanent neodymium magnets mean the magnets will lose 1% of their strength every ten years, which is why they are considered to be permanent!  The mirror finish achieved by using diamonds to polish the tungsten carbide will also last a lifetime.

This item will ship tomorrow via the USPS and be at your door within 2-4 days w/tracking when an e-mail address is provided at checkout FYI.

Finally please shop with confidence knowing that our 60 day money back guarantee will get you thru any trial period or gift giving date you need to accommodate.