"Happy Home" Copper Bracelet No Magnets

"Happy Home" Copper Bracelet No Magnets

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Our "Happy Home" Copper Cuff Style is 1/4' wide and solid copper. Interpret the symbols and assign your own meaning for each of them.  Copper is an interesting element, more historical info below.

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Buy one for a friend - you know they will want one as soon as they see this!!

According to Wikipedia:

Copper is a chemical element with the symbol Cu (Latin: cuprum) and atomic number 29. It is a ductile metal with excellent electrical conductivity and is rather soft in its pure state and has a pinkish luster which is (beside gold) unusual for metals which are normally silvery white. It finds extensive use as an electrical conductor, heat conductor, as a building material, and as a component of various alloys.

Copper is an essential trace nutrient to all high plants and animals. In animals, including humans, it is found primarily in the bloodstream, as a co-factor in various enzymes, and in copper-based pigments. However, in sufficient amounts, copper can be poisonous and even fatal to organisms.

Copper has played a significant part in the history of humankind, which has used the easily accessible uncompounded metal for thousands of years. Several early civilizations have early evidence of using copper. During the Roman Empire, copper was principally mined on Cyprus, hence the origin of the name of the metal as Cyprium, "metal of Cyprus", later shortened to Cuprum.

A number of countries, such as Chile and the United States, still have sizable reserves of the metal which are extracted through large open pit mines; however like tin there may be insufficient reserves to sustain current rates of consumption. High demand relative to supply has caused a price spike in the 2000's.

Copper also has a significant presence as a decorative metal art. It can also be used as an anti-germ surface. Findings from extensive research have been published that copper is a biocidal agent that can add to the anti-bacterial and antimicrobial features of a building where germs are reduced. Business and a government-based research group have been working to verify and substantiate this groundbreaking FDA resolution. This finding was released in March 2008 in the New York Times.

So, do you feel "Educated" now? You know if you want this one. So there was no need for all the "educating".....But... it's interesting and that's a good thing!