Sold Out..."Infinity" Hi Tech Ceramic Magnetic Bracelet

Sold Out..."Infinity" Hi Tech Ceramic Magnetic Bracelet

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“Infinity”Ceramic Magnetic Bracelet is NEW and will keep looking like new for a lifetime because it is made of High Tech ceramic.

Let’s begin to get acquainted with Ceramic. Ceramic is an inorganic, non-metal solid that is created using extreme heat followed by immediate cooling to form Ceramic materials. The earliest ceramics can be seen in the pottery of ancient China, formed using clay and other materials.

In the 20th century a New type of ceramic material was engineered known as High Tech Ceramic. This ceramic is stronger, harder, scratch-proof, and forever polished. This new Hi-Tech ceramic has found a multitude of uses such as cosmetic dentures, automotive engineering, computer technology, and of course ceramic jewelry.

Modern ceramics, commonly known as advanced ceramics provides superior strength and extra durability. By taking advantage of this new technology our Ceramic jewelry is superior to other forms of jewelry because it is virtually indestructible while remaining beautiful and art like.

One very familiar application are the ceramic tiles on NASA's Space Shuttle, used to protect it and the future supersonic space planes from the searing heat of reentry into the Earth's atmosphere. High Tech Ceramic materials can withstand extreme heat, typically of over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

We have taken this equation one step further and added powerful neodymium laser point 3800 Gauss north facing permanent magnets into each and every link.

While there are many functional purposes for ceramic materials, none is more beautiful than our fine Ceramic magnetic jewelry. If we do say so ourselves!

Let’s take a look & Review again the reasons you’re considering this piece and the reasons we think it is the best buy on the market.

1) Scratch Resistant, Forever Shine, Water Proof,& will Always look like New

2) Powerful 3800 Gauss north facing permanent neodymium Rare Earth magnets in every link

3) ”Infinity” is clearly a winning combination when it comes to wellness therapy and fine jewelry

5) "Infinity” goes on and on and on....

6) CHANEL sells a new line of High Tech ceramic watches for over $3000 each - High Tech Ceramic has a very "Rich" look.

Finally we urge you to save time, be green, save gas, leave the crowds behind and let us package this one up for you and ship it out today when ordered by 11am eastern standard time.

Otherwise your order will ship tomorrow via USPS First Class Mail and be delivered within 2-4 days w/tracking when an e-mail address is provided at checkout. Our 60 day unconditional money back guarantee allows you to shop with confidence and comfortably get you through any sizing exchange you may require as well.