"Major League 1" Copper Bracelet With Magnets

"Major League 1" Copper Bracelet With Magnets

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Introducing our “Major League Series”
Style # 1 Our Newest Addition.

Sometimes you have play in the minor league and sometimes you get to step it up. With Our new Powerful Copper Bracelet Design that we have included two laser point neodymium north facing magnets at a lofty 4500 Gauss each & Four more at 3300 Gauss magnets you know you’ve hit the big leagues.
Width of Bracelet: 1/4 Inch.

Come on up to the “Major leagues” of Copper bracelets where you can enjoy the design too. If you take a swing at one of the Major league series copper bracelets we will be sure to ship it immediately and have it at your door within 2- 4 days and shipping is free!

So join us and our team and enter the playoffs with our new major league series, be prepared to win the everyday battle of everyday life.

Your Unconditional Satisfaction is our promise to you & our many thousands of other customers since 1996.

Our 60 Day Money Back Ironclad Guarantee is there if you need it…but we don’t think you will on this purchase. Click Below the image for a close up if you want more detail.

These bracelets will sell out fast so follow your gut, make the play.