"Partners For Life" Copper Bracelet

"Partners For Life" Copper Bracelet

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Hand Crafted, "Partners" For Life made in the USA and guaranteed by designer Sergio Lub. This design is a classic and you will love it as much or more a year from now as the day it arrives at your door. Order today and this stylish bangle of 99.9% pure copper & German silver will be at your door in 2 – 4 days.

About the artist

Sergio Lub is an American artist of Russian descent. Sergio has traveled through every continent learning his craft. From the Andes to the Himalayas, he met with master craftsmen who taught him ancient metal working techniques and their deep beliefs of wearing metals for health and vitality. Sergio is respectfully preserving these cultural traditions by incorporating them in the making of his jewelry. Sergio Lub Copper Bracelets are the Purest available:

No Plating, No Casting, No Machine Stamping - Truly Handcrafted in the USA - Lead Free - 99.99% Pure Copper

As Sergio says

“All of the metals are solid and they are Minerals.”

The Red metal is 99.99% Pure Copper, lead free, the purest available. Copper is one of the friendliest elements, it combines with many others. To find copper this pure in nature is many times more difficult than finding pure gold.

The Yellow metal is Jewelers Brass, an alloy of 85% pure Copper and 15% pure Zinc, both essential minerals worn since prehistoric times by non-related cultures around the world. Science has already proven that Copper is absorbed through the skin, so the bracelets can now be considered a time-release source of needed minerals.

The White metal is German silver, an alloy of 65% pure Copper plus, 17% Zinc, 16% Nickel, and 2% Silver. Also used to make white gold. It is harder than Sterling and got its name because, to have sharper knives, it was first used to make the Kaiser’s silverware.

Each bracelet has an organic lacquer protective coating meant to wear off with use. Showers will keep them clean and brass polish or a jeweler's cloth will keep them shiny.

Take a closer look - with our "Hover" feature on the bracelet picture for a close up.

This "Partners" For Life Style is a wonderful inexpensive addition to anyone’s wellness collection & a great Holiday gift, get two while our supply lasts...Your "Partner" will be Grateful.