"Phoenix" Copper Bracelet With Magnets

"Phoenix" Copper Bracelet With Magnets

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Brand New For The Ages!

“Phoenix” It’s a bird it’s a plane , Well it’s one Special Copper Magnetic Bracelet That’s Really BIG! 1/2 Inch Wide Big!

Want to wear a Massive Copper Bracelet with six neodymium north facing laser point magnets?

Rise Up, You can. Things Like Awesome, Wow, That's really Cool are just a few things your gonna hear when you wear "Phoenix".

But let's look at it from a "practical" perspective too and evaluate what you see when you wear this substantial copper bracelet reminiscent of renewal & starting over. (Which we can all use from time to time!)

You see lots of copper, you see six powerful permanent magnets at 3300 Gauss each. You see a unique design you've never seen before.

Our money back guarantee if your not completely satisfied seals the deal.

In the interests of FULL DISCLOSURE LET IT BE KNOWN THAT "Phoenix" weighs in at a Scale Tipping 1.75 ounces. That’s one Heavy Feathered Friend, Greek Mythology & All!

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